Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yang Ming Shan + hotspring

Day 3 - 陽明山國家公園 + Hotspring
(14 June 2012) 

up to Yang Ming Shan did Meeky Yang drove us to 

the rain was alot smaller

Splendid view from the very top

Meeky told us that Yang Ming Shan was a volcano that had erupted 1000+ years is also unique from  other mountain / volcano because it is covered entirely with grassy slopes

read from wikipedia that fumaroles are openings in the planet's crust which emit steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide (poisonous and smelly), hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphite (very poisonous too) 

can see the bubblings??? 

it's a smelly smelly place due to the sulphur  

Meeky said that this plot will be full of the white flowers (海芋) if we had visited this spot in Yang Ming Shan  probably a month ago 

and that we are allowed to pluck them home... =) 

the 2 that i plucked but left them in the cab.... =S  

the famous floral clock that will chime every half an hour.... cant really take a good picture of the whole clock cos the angle of inclination  is too small 

Done with Yang Ming Shan ....

Next stop is HOTSPRING ... =) 

NT$500 (S$22) per room for 2 ppl for 2 hours 

so nice right??? also in the room were 2 bath towels, 2 face towels, 2 disposable shower caps and most importantly 2 bottles of mineral water.... according to our cabby, it's good (must) to drink 1 - 2 mouthful of water in between 15 minutes of hotspring 

Mr Ang's first hot spring experience and he enjoyed it lots lots oh.... he went in 3 times ...i was super sleepy by the second round... so i rested and played angry bird on his galaxy note while he enjoyed his hotspring ... =) 

we relaxed at the waiting area after the hotspring while we waited for Meeky to pick us up for our taipei minsu check-in 

tatatatata......was thrilled when i saw our room.... so pretty.... super like like.... this is room 3... a stand alone room... 

room 5 to 11 share a living room which the other rooms have access to as well with the access card

free use of washing machine.. =) 

free postcards and pamphlets on the tourist attractions 

it's a minsu named Taipeiyork.... it's 2 junctions away from ximending station exit 6...walking time should be about 5 minutes only... can email: ( for room reservation.... the only downside is have to pay 50% deposit into a HSBC account..... but as the exchange rate he quote was rather low, i asked to pay a lower deposit and we agreed at 30%

we stayed there for 4 days and average rate per night was about NT$1530 (S$66.25) per room

the rooms are on the 5th floor which can only be accessed with access cards, so it's a must to call the minsu boss when u arrived at the ground floor which looks like any ordinary ground floor with only the letter boxes and lift doors... not at all glam up.... 

after which, we hopped back onto Meeky's cab and headed to shida area where we bid him goodbye...

he's really a good driver and tour wonder he is so popular in the forum..... 

as always, before venturing into night market... must have a proper meal.... we had pizza and baked rice and some side dishes at La Pizza

maybe it was the rain, maybe it was because we had a proper meal.... night market was just not as fun as 7 years ago.... 

we took the metro back ...forgetful me forgot to bring my easycard out so have to buy a single jouney ticket.... so cute right??? round round one.... tap to enter...and slot in to exit.... not as ma fan as ours ....still need to go to ticket machine to get the deposit back...this one no deposit needed... 


イエヲン said...

wow that single journey coin looks so cute indeed!

Anonymous said...


I found your blog while researching for tw. may i ask where did u go for the hotspring?
Thank you :)

-Candy- said...


the one that we went to is I believe it's at yang ming shan. =)

Suki said...

Hi , I'm interested with the hotel I lived in , what is the name of the hotel ? Or website ?

Candy Chua said...

Hi Suki,

it's a 民宿 (minsu) called Taipei York.

電話: +886913613870 或 +886987766607

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I check with you hows the weather like in Taiwan during June?

Candy Chua said...

Hyee, June weather is usually rainy in the afternoon and the heavy down pour will last about 3 - 4 hours. It was like that in june 2012 and june 2013. =S

littlethought said...

Hi, I found your blog after keying in "Hotspring at Yangmingshan" Can i ask how do i actually go to the hotel from taipei main station? And can you just go for the hot spring without staying in the hotel? Thanks!

Candy Chua said...

Hi littlethoughts,

i went there by cab but found these info from the website (,

運停靠站:北投公園站,沿公園右側〈看到頂好超市〉往前步行 7~8分鐘即可達。

.參考班次:216、217、218、223、266、302、小6、小7、小9、小25 與指南客運新店淡海線,到站步行時間約10分鐘即可達。


Hope it's helpful to you.

And yes, you need not stay in the hotel to enjoy the hotspring services. You can just go to the recep and tell them that you would like to have the hourly room just to enjoy the hotspring.

james said...

can I check with you hows the weather like in Taiwan during March?