Saturday, July 28, 2012

A is for Art 2012 - Making the Chair (Part 4)

A is for Art 2012 - Making the Chair (Part4)
(27 July 2012)

Finally it was the last day to complete the Chair. The last day of  hands-on 'lesson' for the kids on this artastic journey ... ='(

Bao Ping and Susan were in-charge of creating and designing the flap with plastic crystal studs

Farhana and Celena arranging the peacock feathers on the back of the chair.  

Li Qi and Wen Yin painting the morning glories which Mandy had drew on the armrest after she went for her Math Olympiad lesson. 

adding sparkles to the 'star' padding  

Maleha adding the final touch to the star cushion 

Wen Yin and Li Qi having fun acting as 宫女 fanning the 'emperor' with the peacock feathers.  

Here we have our principal, Mrs Mano, inspecting the chair. She is pleased with the pupils' effort and her first comment was, "It looks like a throne."

Ain and I were super thrilled to hear that cos we did not tell her that the theme of the chair was a seat of honour and she hit the jackpot just like that.... =) 

Now that the chair has been completed.... It's time for the admin stuff... =P.... filling in of forms, write-ups, finance claims etc etc.... =S 

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