Monday, July 16, 2012

Lego Fun with a great Heart

This large large thing caught my attention while we were at Compass Point the other day

look closer

and even closer 
so cute right???? 
so many so many different kind of lego people

This was the activity that was going on

more info here

us in the queue... 

1/3 of the selection of hats/ hair, face, top and bottom
 and these were what we made
Mr Ang's, mine, mine, Mr Ang's 

can see my logo on one of them??? i drew de oh.... heee.....both of mine are in white and's for National Day so must be in red and white mah.... 

then we have to select where 'we' wanted to be seated

enjoying the 'show'

Whoever came up with this idea is super duper creative lo.... many many thumbs up... =) 

These 2 now own the right unit on the 4th level of Dopey Estate, located on Mr Ang's display shelf  ... =) 

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