Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adventure Trail @ Gua Batu Maloi

Adventure Trail @ Gua Batu Maloi (Msia)

Knowing that i was searching for some activities to do during the National Day long weekend, Joyce sent me a link with the following photos and program write-up for 11 August 2012, Saturday which one of her running kakis is organising with YMCA:

It looks so fun.... likey likey.... How can i say no???? especially when it's a trip with joyce... =) ... Happily paid $95 for the trip which includes the YMCA membership.... 

Joyce picked me up at 530am...met the rest of the participants at 630am.... had breakfast at Yong Peng at 9am and we finally reached the entrance of our destination at close to 12nn..... that was a lot of time on the road...=S 
first photo of the day..... joyce, kim, aileen and me

the whole group of 36 adventurers + 1 in-charge from YMCA before the 3 hours of fun and adventure began

Joyce and I were the few without headlights and hence had to be bracketed by super duper nice people with headlights to shine the path ahead for us...

at least 20% of the route was in total darkness, 20% with gushing water, 50% with slippery boulders and 100% with gigantic boulders all around.... one just have to use any patterns or styles of movement that could get oneself from one point to the next... be it a crawl, waddle, wriggle, leap, swoosh, climb, grab, drag, pull. slide, bend, crouch.... just do it..... 

slipped and hit my head against the boulder once and slipped and grazed my knee once... =S


more photos can be found in:
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You will get the kind of "We ****ing made it!!!" feeling and a sense of accomplishment after the whole trail is over and when the sore sets in.....wahahahaha..... 

ended the day with a Nonya dinner at Melacca before travelling for another 4 hours back to Home Sweet Home.... 

No regrets for giving this adventure a try... =).... brings back fond memories of outward bound back in 1996 and uni orientation camp where we (freshies) were made to walk through some of the drains and canals in NTU in blindfolds in yr 2000. 

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