Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bangkok Day 4 - Massage

Bangkok Day 4 - Massage 

Mabel recommended this massage place along the lane just opposite Platinum Mall ...

we paid ฿300 for 90 minutes of a full body massage 
the foot massage area

full body massage area at the second level

my masseuse was better than Mabel's in terms of skill but she was very chatty and skin thick thick asked for tip lo... hahaha.... luckily her skill was really not bad

went for our last round of shopping at Platinum Mall and spent most of my remaining baht on 

2 necklaces at ฿140 (S$5.60) each

฿200 (S$8) ..... this blouse looked better when it was hung on the rack..... =(

2 of my best buy....=)....looks good on me and only  ฿200 (S$8) each.... 

After thoughts:
Bangkok is a place that sets the cheap thrill shopper (aka auntie shopper) in me going rattling...."woah, so cheap, buy, woah so cheap also, must buy, this one singapore sell so ex lo, dun buy here (bangkok) super 对不起自己leh, so die die must buy".... so now, i ended up with a whole box of small small useless stuff to give away.... =S

the material of the clothing sold in bangkok are also more to the inferior side....guess it is really 一分钱一分货.... and hate the fact that i cant try on the clothing before making the purchase nor have time to check the clothing before being squeezed out of the shop... wasted some money buying clothings that dun fit, dun look good on me and with (tiny) holes or bad prints....=S

spent a total of $700 for the whole trip and am only pleased with 3 tank tops, 2 sleeveless blouses, 2 pair of shorts, 5 gigantic cards and all the things i gotten from the stationery shop @ chinatown.... 

and the worse part is, i dun feel like i had been on a holiday.... argh!!!.... a purely shopping trip is really not for felt more like a war with the non-stop walking and loading of stuff into my backpack... now i understand why i made the decision the previous time to not go to bangkok anymore.... wahahaha.... cos me decided not to go to bangkok again for at least the next 2-3 years.... 

but i dun mind planning one this december for the chua family to go on their own though... i think angela and alvin will both go crazy with all the shopping.... =) 

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