Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chua's August Babies

Chua's August Babies 

A super backdated post.... that's the problem when photos are taken with 蔡 mummy's ipad and i needed to beg the As (for weeks) to help her upload the photos to her facebook before i could use them on my blog... =S

anyway, August is a 大出血 month cos it's  蔡 mummy's and 蔡大弟's birthday which are just 7 days apart ...  蔡 mummy hinted for an ipad this year cos according to her 'research', an ipad only cost $400+ .....ya right!!!.... cost Alfred and I a total of $848 lo... really cannot believe that the first person that owns an ipad in 蔡家  is 蔡 mummy lo.... 

anyway, we have 3 instalments to this year's celebration and the first instalment was a dinner the weekend before their birthdays at empire state @ causeway point... 

then on the actual day of 蔡 mummy's birthday , i popped by  蔡家 after work with a small cake for the both of them.... one candle each so no need to fight.... heee 

last instalment was a trip to the Art Science Museum for the Harry Porter and Andy Warhol's exhibition upon 小妹's request followed by a dinner @ Thai Express..... 

took this from  蔡 mummy's fb....confirm + chop is  蔡小妹's work...see how she inserted a non-consistent photo of herself into the collage..... she is a typical 女大十八变....from a round round chubby chubby cute cute baby to a round round chubby chubby not so cute primary student to an improving teenager to a chio young adult

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