Sunday, September 2, 2012

Night Festival 2012

It was at the Night Festival 2009 that Mr and Mrs Ang took the very first step towards a life journey together.... =) ... so it's only right to visit it again this year to 回味当年.... 

first light installation we saw was Children's Dream located outside School Of The Arts (SOTA) ... featuring children's drawings of fairy tales characters with lights... created by Jerome Donna from France 


Titled "We the People" by Brian Gothong Tan at the Building Facade of National Museum of Singapore

Museums were free for all so we went in to enjoy the aircon....oopx.... 
and 顺便 visit the wedding dress exhibition from London

OMG..... i'm so glad i wasn't born in those times.... how am i supposed to fit into something like this??? How am i supposed to breathe??? 

(3) Just outside the museum is this installation titled "20 tonnes" by Han Sai Por

the special place where his arms first rested on my arm rest..... wahaha....

(4) Titled Mylar
 consist of a 15 meter translucent pool that will slowly descend with up to 4 dancers sliding within

 we were standing too far away from the structure due to the huge crowd but still managed to get a good view through the gigantic screen... =)

dosen it look like foetus swimming in amniotic fluid

Titled Corredoras
where a silver curtain transformed into a stage with two dancers flying and tumbling about on wires....

reminds me of the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  

(6) My favourite - La Argentina Feat. The Analog Girl 
it really felt quite awesome to be standing right where the dancer flew over...=D

this is the one who is in-charge of putting the paper bits into the shooter machine

these paper bits really remind me of the prayer paper which the Taoists / Buddhists use

strong muscular men pushing and pulling the crane along the whole of Armenian street... 

feet were aching badly from walking and standing for more than 2 hours...=P... but i just love this kind of free outdoor performances and exhibitions... heee.... 

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