Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Haul

i bet many of you had seen this pic before.... i had a good laugh when i first saw it long long ago.... and of all sort of happened to me while i was in compasspoint after having breakfast with mr ang last week.... 

My mission: Get A gift for Bb Ethan 

knowing that lorraine will definitely have all the necessary Bb and mummy items, i really see no point in visiting those mummy's store so i decided to shop at Popular Bookstore instead to see if i can get any books or learning resources (mummy's self help book or storybooks for Bb Ethan) addition, i really like to take my own sweet time to do my shopping without having any sale person talking to me unnecessary 

being a teacher, i ended up buying 3 of this
one for Baby ethan (2 months old), one for Boy boy Marcus (4 years old) and one to be placed in my classroom's english corner for a bunch of 7 years old

bought this for my 2013 class.... will be putting it at the English corner where pupils can do self-directed learning after they have completed their work 


being a teacher again, i'm always on the look out for strategies to convince kids that they are the one who want to do things in a way that we adults want... 

i love how this book provide ideas on how to provide choices to kiddos to get them to do the things we want them to do
planned to give this to lorraine initially but decided to keep it for myself for the time being ....not because i want to 占为己有 but because she is just so good with her Bb that i dun think she will benefit anything from this book la...

side track abit - introducing Bb Ethan, son of lorraine & carl
 the most lovable that sleeps on his own in his own room since month 1... one that will go to sleep on his own without any patting and the need to silence the whole surrounding...he's just my ideal child la.... no fuss de.... i believe all these can only be achieved because lorraine is a "french mother"....wahahahaha.... 

what's a french mother??? go google on why french parents are superior and u will find out... =) 

browse browse brose and this amazing book caught my attention
my eyes were filled with tears just by reading the here for more info about the book... here's a video on it too


alot of people around me always say that i'm such a lucky girl...always getting things that i want, getting situations to be in the way i want, having great friends and family who pampers me, having colleagues and bosses who let me do alot of things in the manner that i want....i dun denied that.... though there were times of pits which most dun know....but these were rare.... 

so when i saw this book, i wonder if it was just because i had used some of these strategies subconsciously ... it's a very easy to read book with friendly fonts and line spacing and not too much favourite kind of self-help books..... wahahahaha

"In this clever book, bestselling author Richard Templar delivers a collection of principles, tactics and techniques that will make sure things always go your way, without you even having to ask.

You’ll discover the secrets of being the kind of person who gets what they want, and the secrets of making it easy for people to say yes to you (sometimes without even realising they are doing it).

And for those rare occasions where you really do have to ask, you’ll find priceless advice on exactly what to say and how to say it, so that you’ll definitely never have to ask twice."

Do enjoy scrapbooking but never seem to get anything done prettily enough.... heee.... gonna try this for my ATPP portfolio.... just cos Brenda gave me a class photo.... =) 


bought it for a friend who is into baking.... but if she's into baking, she wun need a easy cooking book right??? hmmmm...... 

so u see, the intention of spending $50 for a gift for Bb ethan ended up as a $130+ hole in my pocket.... so i m just like any typical woman too when it comes to shopping....wahahaha.... 

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