Monday, October 8, 2012

Children's Day

... kids nowadays are really not that appreciative... some see these presents that teachers give out on children's day as entitlement and i do hear them criticizing the gifts which were given to them.... common complaints include "huh?? another pen/highlighter ah?? why every teachers give the same things one??? 

there was a year where one of the teachers got her pupils burgers from mac ... it's not cheap k??? each burger cost $2 leh.... yet some complained that it was not hot... =S.... i really think that kids should be taught how to keep negative comments to themselves and learn how to be more appreciative... 

so over the years, i realised that kids have lesser complains when they receive gifts that they chose... that's why i always ensure that there are a few choices for them to choose from 

two options for my P1 kiddos this year 

(A) mask or (B) spect

can see that most of them actually opt for the specky.... so cute


then for my dancers, ex-pupils, pupils whom i had worked with for A is for Art, prefects for the teachers' day concert, they get to choose from a packet of a variety of stuff which includes


origami hearts


magnets from my last vietnam trip with joyce in 2010

and i love to tell them that most of these gifts are from the various countries which i had visited too.... it makes the gifts more special and the kids feel happier receiving things from abroad too... =) 

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