Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Birthday (4) - meixiang & lene

meet up with mx to pick up my birthday gifts over a drink at toastbox on Wednesday... mx is this super sweet lady who puts in alot of effort to maintain every friendship.... she's the one who will plan almost all our jc gathering and make it a point to me a gift and a card on all my birthday and also during xmas.... 

and these were what she prepared for me this year... 
she is one that will write very nice notes and wishes for us all and knowing that i am into scrapbooking, she bought alphabet stickers for me...
thanks for the gift and more importantly, thanks for being such a sweetie for the last 15 years 

lene, who is usually the first few to celebrate my birthday with me in the past 18 years was only able to meet me 2 weeks after my birthday due to a car accident... =(... though not seriously injured externally, she actually sustained some internal injury lo.... so when she asked me to meet her all the way at tiong bahru where she lived, i readily agree.... 

she treated me lunch at Lao Beijing at Tiong Bahru Plaza and i ordered a fried fish la mian  

then we shared 小笼包,

crispy fried beans (very yummy)

and salted egg prawns (super yummy too)

then we took a short walk to to this very cosy cafe "forty hands" along Yong Siak street... 

our drinks

it was super duper crowded hence dun really have the mood to take many pictures but you can have a look at the following 2 blogs which i found

we sat and chit chatted for more than 3 hours so can conclude that it's really quite a nice place to just hang out.... will be returning for the whole day breakfast set soon... =D

gifts from charlene:
a pencil case with a matching card holder and a very sweet bracelet from korea... =) 

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