Friday, November 30, 2012

Brunch with zhuan & lene

 met up with zhuan a couple of weeks ago at relish

love this place for its full length glass panels which let in generous amount of light energy but not the heat energy from the sun.... not many customers probably due to its secretive location at level two  of my village @ serangoon gardens 

it's for all to know that their chef is a temperamental chap..... hahaha.... so cute to display it in this manner..... (look under 'cakes')

my breakfast set at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon.... heeee.... love the mushroom, love my life and love meeting up with friends.... =) 

zhuan with her burger


Then a few weeks later, charlene brought me to wild honey at scotts square

this is like one of the best breakfast set that i have ever had.... not that i been to alot of whole day breakfast place to begin with..... my heart was aching super badly just because i had wasted one portion of it ..... i couldnt stomach all 3 portions on my own due to its gigantic portion..... 

this shall be the first place that i'll bring mr ang to after his exam to reward him for his hard work these few weeks.... 

looks pretty and i bet tasted heavenly too.... cos lene, being a small eater, literally forced herself to finish everything up.... including both the toast and both the poached eggs oh... just because it was such a waste to waste such yummy food lo.... 
Life's really good to be surrounded by wonderful friends (and food) who keep in touch despite being busy with our daily matters.....  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alvin's Prom

2 years ago, i was the image consultant for Angela for her prom and i think i did a pretty good job at it despite the fact that i cant really be bothered to dress up myself.... =P

and now, it's Alvin's turn.... time flies.... even 蔡小宝 is attending prom liao..... 

You  know the good thing about having super young siblings and they are put under your charge is that i get to enjoy the 有儿初成长 feeling at my age now instead of with my own kids 15 or 20 yrs later... it's really quite a good feeling especially so when they turn out well... =) 

as usual, the norm blazer, pants, shirt and tie combi was not the choice. think it's too much n too exp for a 17 yr old to pull it off well. and it's too wasteful to spend so much on a blazer that can will only be worn once to prom.... can't think of any other occasion where he will need to be in a blazer again.... at least not anytime soon.... 

so a trip to bugis was planned and we managed to put together a cheerful sunshine outfit that's not too over and one that does not burn a big hole in my pocket... =P 

tatatata... presenting my handsome little brother (the one in yellow shirt and brown vest) with his friends... =) 

comparing angela's and alvin's attire... i think i have a fetish for vest and bright coloured shirt lo.... wahahaha... 

PS: Silly boy, you are not alone. i'm still ur jie jie, ur support even after becoming mrs ang k? hugz... 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

@ NIE art gallery

since it's the hols, since i'm very free, since mr ang had exam today, i decided to accompany him to school....

actually he's not the main reason la....=P.... the current batch of advanced diploma of  primary art education teachers are holding their graduation art exhibition at NIE art gallery this week and like i mentioned above, it's the hols, i'm very free, mr ang needed to be in ntu today, so along i tagged lo..... =) 

excited duo...just because we are going to school together for the first time... wahahaha.... but if Mr Ang get into his phd program in ntu next july onwards and i get into the advanced diploma in primary arts education program at nie next august onwards, we can just travel to school together everyday for one whole term lo.... wahahahaha.... machiam back to pa-tok-ing in uni life seh... 

The NIE art gallery just behind block 3
 there are two galleries 

and this is the bigger one.... 
a big white room with full length glass panel on one end
the above installation is by Chua Lee Lin, 
titled 'My past makes the present me'

"Our past is forever a part of us that shapes us and helps us grow -The brevity of life is like a bubble that burst before we see its beauty" 

'Impression' by Aliah Hanim

Hayati Manshor's 'Of lotions, balms and creams'

saw something very familiar.... chanced upon this idea when i was googling about toilet roll craft a couple of months back for the aesthetic day mass art activity.... so was really happy that i can see it real at such close proximity... =) 

This delicate artwork is title 'me, mother & child' by Farida Hajarmustika 

"A stroll down memory lane, through memories captured by a mother's love"

Make a quick guess how this piece of art is created...
Clue: Parking essential 


Big enough to chope a parking space right??? 

Titled "When the night falls" by Sharron Tan 

so what happens when night falls leh????

These teachers are really really very creative lo..... I'm really really glad i went... =).... they really inspire me to think out of the box.... (i'll have to try alot alot harder) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

update on Snowy & Brownie

Snowy's 弹跳力 is amazing... her favourite position is to nua on our big big sofa cushion

and that's the 3 of us nuaing on the sofa 

that's the 2 of them sleeping next to me on my bed while i do work 

i really think doggies are very 幸福 creatures.... all they do is sleep all day.... look cute and everyone will go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over them... 

Mr Ang is a very biased daddy cos all his photos with the pups is with brownie de.... hahaha.... no la.... that's cos only brownie will allow him to carry... 

i'm just so happy to have these two pups..... they are just cute to the max lo.... 

Gillman Barracks

Ending off the first half of the Art Teacher Practitioner Program with a visit to Gillman Barracks which is just a stone throw away from our art studio. 

super misty due to the condensation of water vapour on the camera lens

The best part is it's free for all. =) 

One very important point to note is - DON't go on a rainy day. There's no shelter between the numerous exhibition hall. 

In the FOST Gallery
Don't you find the black attachments very familiar???

They are seats found under (olden) HDB blocks

this artwork was inspired by the Singapore National Theatre which was demolished in 1986

Saw Edward Burtynsky's chromogenic colour print of an oil field in California. He's a Canadian photographer and artist who has achieved international recognition for his large-format photographs of industrial landscapes. To me, his work made me thing about the environment which we often take for granted or do not pay much notice too. His work was so awesome that i felt that uploading of my photos of his photos do super injustice to his work lo. You really have to be there, to be standing in front of his work, with a guide next to you to be fully immersed in his work. 

was also introduced to the work of Lucio Fontana 

Both wanted more from a flat canvas. So the former made cuts on brightly painted canvas with the reverse black gauzed to create a mysterious sense of illusion and depth while the latter added things behind the canvas to create a form of reliefs. 

Luciano Ventrone's oil paintings is so amazing, you will think that they are photographs until you read the write-up 
yes, this is an oil painting. not a photograph

next up, we have an installation by Donna Ong from Singapore. 
She has beds suspended at different heights and all secured enough to be seated on or slept on. She titled this "And we dream we were birds"

I was thinking.... is she an orphan or a delinquent??? Did some reading and she was neither.... But this installation gave me a very cold feeling... not at all cosy...not at all conducive for daydreaming.... more like a bedroom where people are forced to be in bed at a stated time... 

look carefully oh
 not only is it a leaning tree.... it's a couple leaning tree.... so amazing.... dun know what's the factor that causes the trees to grow in this manner .... dun think the wind speed in singapore can be that powerful right???

Last but not least, there was also a gallery of the Princess Of Polka Dots, Yayoi Kusama

in the day, she works in her art studio, creating pieces after pieces of polka dotted art night, she checks herself into a mental hospital... 

She claims that the vast field of polka dots, or what she called infinity nets, were taken directly out from her hallucinations... and she's well-known for her productivity.... despite the micromanaged intricacy of her work, she still turned them out fast and in bulk

it's amazing and admirable how she harness her hallucinations into something useful, into something managable .... 

her determination and discipline is really something that all of us can learn from...