Friday, November 30, 2012

Brunch with zhuan & lene

 met up with zhuan a couple of weeks ago at relish

love this place for its full length glass panels which let in generous amount of light energy but not the heat energy from the sun.... not many customers probably due to its secretive location at level two  of my village @ serangoon gardens 

it's for all to know that their chef is a temperamental chap..... hahaha.... so cute to display it in this manner..... (look under 'cakes')

my breakfast set at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon.... heeee.... love the mushroom, love my life and love meeting up with friends.... =) 

zhuan with her burger


Then a few weeks later, charlene brought me to wild honey at scotts square

this is like one of the best breakfast set that i have ever had.... not that i been to alot of whole day breakfast place to begin with..... my heart was aching super badly just because i had wasted one portion of it ..... i couldnt stomach all 3 portions on my own due to its gigantic portion..... 

this shall be the first place that i'll bring mr ang to after his exam to reward him for his hard work these few weeks.... 

looks pretty and i bet tasted heavenly too.... cos lene, being a small eater, literally forced herself to finish everything up.... including both the toast and both the poached eggs oh... just because it was such a waste to waste such yummy food lo.... 
Life's really good to be surrounded by wonderful friends (and food) who keep in touch despite being busy with our daily matters.....  

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