Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gillman Barracks

Ending off the first half of the Art Teacher Practitioner Program with a visit to Gillman Barracks which is just a stone throw away from our art studio. 

super misty due to the condensation of water vapour on the camera lens

The best part is it's free for all. =) 

One very important point to note is - DON't go on a rainy day. There's no shelter between the numerous exhibition hall. 

In the FOST Gallery
Don't you find the black attachments very familiar???

They are seats found under (olden) HDB blocks

this artwork was inspired by the Singapore National Theatre which was demolished in 1986

Saw Edward Burtynsky's chromogenic colour print of an oil field in California. He's a Canadian photographer and artist who has achieved international recognition for his large-format photographs of industrial landscapes. To me, his work made me thing about the environment which we often take for granted or do not pay much notice too. His work was so awesome that i felt that uploading of my photos of his photos do super injustice to his work lo. You really have to be there, to be standing in front of his work, with a guide next to you to be fully immersed in his work. 

was also introduced to the work of Lucio Fontana 

Both wanted more from a flat canvas. So the former made cuts on brightly painted canvas with the reverse black gauzed to create a mysterious sense of illusion and depth while the latter added things behind the canvas to create a form of reliefs. 

Luciano Ventrone's oil paintings is so amazing, you will think that they are photographs until you read the write-up 
yes, this is an oil painting. not a photograph

next up, we have an installation by Donna Ong from Singapore. 
She has beds suspended at different heights and all secured enough to be seated on or slept on. She titled this "And we dream we were birds"

I was thinking.... is she an orphan or a delinquent??? Did some reading and she was neither.... But this installation gave me a very cold feeling... not at all cosy...not at all conducive for daydreaming.... more like a bedroom where people are forced to be in bed at a stated time... 

look carefully oh
 not only is it a leaning tree.... it's a couple leaning tree.... so amazing.... dun know what's the factor that causes the trees to grow in this manner .... dun think the wind speed in singapore can be that powerful right???

Last but not least, there was also a gallery of the Princess Of Polka Dots, Yayoi Kusama

in the day, she works in her art studio, creating pieces after pieces of polka dotted art night, she checks herself into a mental hospital... 

She claims that the vast field of polka dots, or what she called infinity nets, were taken directly out from her hallucinations... and she's well-known for her productivity.... despite the micromanaged intricacy of her work, she still turned them out fast and in bulk

it's amazing and admirable how she harness her hallucinations into something useful, into something managable .... 

her determination and discipline is really something that all of us can learn from... 

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