Tuesday, November 27, 2012

@ NIE art gallery

since it's the hols, since i'm very free, since mr ang had exam today, i decided to accompany him to school....

actually he's not the main reason la....=P.... the current batch of advanced diploma of  primary art education teachers are holding their graduation art exhibition at NIE art gallery this week and like i mentioned above, it's the hols, i'm very free, mr ang needed to be in ntu today, so along i tagged lo..... =) 

excited duo...just because we are going to school together for the first time... wahahaha.... but if Mr Ang get into his phd program in ntu next july onwards and i get into the advanced diploma in primary arts education program at nie next august onwards, we can just travel to school together everyday for one whole term lo.... wahahahaha.... machiam back to pa-tok-ing in uni life seh... 

The NIE art gallery just behind block 3
 there are two galleries 

and this is the bigger one.... 
a big white room with full length glass panel on one end
the above installation is by Chua Lee Lin, 
titled 'My past makes the present me'

"Our past is forever a part of us that shapes us and helps us grow -The brevity of life is like a bubble that burst before we see its beauty" 

'Impression' by Aliah Hanim

Hayati Manshor's 'Of lotions, balms and creams'

saw something very familiar.... chanced upon this idea when i was googling about toilet roll craft a couple of months back for the aesthetic day mass art activity.... so was really happy that i can see it real at such close proximity... =) 

This delicate artwork is title 'me, mother & child' by Farida Hajarmustika 

"A stroll down memory lane, through memories captured by a mother's love"

Make a quick guess how this piece of art is created...
Clue: Parking essential 


Big enough to chope a parking space right??? 

Titled "When the night falls" by Sharron Tan 

so what happens when night falls leh????

These teachers are really really very creative lo..... I'm really really glad i went... =).... they really inspire me to think out of the box.... (i'll have to try alot alot harder) 

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