Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary lunch @ TWG

first, it was the wedding

then, it was our 1st wedding anniversary

now, it's gonna be the 2nd one already oh.....time really zoom zoom de oh... =D

we celebrated it 9 days earlier cos i'm starting work on boxing day and i have not done any work this holiday and i have only completed 1 out of 7 pieces of artwork required for the art exhibition on 4th jan so can foresee that i will confirm 临时抱佛脚 to rush out all the school stuff and exhibition stuff that i'm supposed to complete this holiday from 26 dec all the way to 2 and 4 jan respectively... =P... 

Happy 2nd year to both of us... may we stay loving and faithful and considerate and understanding and supportive and accepting to each other in the many many more happy years to come... =) 

Had our lunch at TWG @ Marina Bay Sands

passion fruit tea for me and honey tea for him....
dun the teapots look like cute round elephants??? 

Chicken En Brochette for me 

Seared Matcha Salmon for mr ang

Mango crumble that came with Alfonso tea ice-cream.... super yummy..... mad luv..... 

Macarons - Napoleon Tea & Caramel, Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate, Black Tea & Blackcurrant, Grand Wedding tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut flavour

the problem is, we dun know which was which.... wahahahaha.... and they were all too super duper sweet for our likings.... regret big time....but we still finished it up cos it cost $2 each.... =P ... really dun understand the craze over macarons.... =S

 oopx..... the bill came up to over a hundred.... thank you mr ang.... 

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