Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A weekend to Batam with Joyce

accepted joyce's invitation to batam for a massage holiday at only $99 per pax... thought it was a super nua holiday with massage, nuaing by the pool side or coffee place but kenna cheated la.... 

first, we have to meet at vivo at 630am which means i need to wake up at 530am .... =S.... 

then upon arriving in batam at 930am local time, we only managed to check in at 5pm lo.... cos included in the package was a full day city tour.... the tour guide brought us batam 走透透.... we went to kueh lapis shop, polo ralph shop, chocolate shop, dried food shop and some others which i cant really recall.... just remembered we kept boarding and alighting the bus.... i hate city tour... =S

thankfully, the massage was good.... =) .... so good that i gave my massage therapist S$5 tip ... =) 

anyway, we stayed in Pacific Palace Hotel

i wasn't feeling too well so din really explore the place but it's really not bad... at least the $8.50 tim sum buffet we had for dinner was worth it .... =) 

our room
very spacious.... i like.... just dun like double bed.... but also thanks to the double bed.... watching "推理要在晚餐后" was not that scary with joyce sleeping just beside me.... heee

we were bought to the shopping centre next to batam centre terminal to shop for the rest of the whole afternoon before taking the ferry home.... but we ended up slacking at jco donut 

donuts were so yummy that i lugged a dozen home.... heee 

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