Monday, December 31, 2012

ATPP exhibition - Siblings' Love

Drew my fingers in a peace sign (letter v) during the 4th lesson of "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain" lesson and decided to add on to it for the exhibition....roped in the 3As... =) 

Title: Siblings' Love 
 “The hand which held the rest is the smallest of them all… I have aged” 

This is the most emo piece of artwork.... i din expect it to be so emo for me... i was so emo that i had tears in my eyes even when i shared about how emo i was when i was doing this piece of art work with my science department teachers during checked in last week.... 

my弟弟妹妹 have all grown up liao... their hands are no longer the tiny, cute, smooth, squashy ones which i held years ago..... 

anyway, close up of the individual pieces
lanky and very smooth hands she has...

the hand which i held the most as i was tasked to fetch him home from kindergarten everyday during my sec sch days.... can't believe that tiny hand of yesteryears has developed into a man's hand liao... so huge and so rough

the smallest of them all with short and plump fingers... =S

even the youngest of the lot has difficulty squeezing his fingers into the view finder.... =S

How i wish this piece of artwork can be counted as 4 pieces of drawing..... wahahaha.... like that then i would have hit the quota for the number of 2D artwork for the exhibition liao oh... =P  

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