Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hong Kong Day 1 - From Singapore to Hong Kong

14 December 2012, Friday

wakey wakey at 515am to be ready to leave the house by 550am to meet the ang bros.... special thanks to the elder ang for the ride to the airport.... =).... check-in at 620am and flight was at 820am..... YES YES YES!!!! finally the day for our hong kong holiday.... luv luv luv holidays... =) 

sleepy us at 550am

Flight was delayed due to a super inconsiderate couple who was seated at 21E and F. They were late yet they had the cheek to yell at people who gave them disapproving looks. The captain had to threaten to disembark them over the PA system before they finally kept their mouth shut. First encounter with such rude people. I pity the air steward who still had to talk to them nicely and politely while being shouted at... =S

reached hong kong at approx 1230pm, gave Cecilia (apartment owner) a call at the free phone booth near belt 13 to inform her of our arrival so that she could estimate the time to pick us up at the bus stop

bought octopus card at HK$150 (S$23.80) each with a HK$50 refundable deposit.... the counter is just next to the departure gate of terminal 2

followed the sign to the bus terminal and found the berth for A11, the airport express bus to our apartment at wanchai district

special seats for our red luggage

happiness to the max.... free wifi on the bus... =)

the stop to get down and Cecilia was there to pick us up... =)  

less than 5 minutes walk and we reached 

lift to the 6th floor and we were in our apartment
the size of the living room relative to Mr Ang 

very happy with our apartment... though the rooms, living room, toilet and kitchen were very small, the apartment was very clean and looked exactly like the pictures in the airbnb website where i booked it from

there were even story books in the living room to entertain little kids 

dom's & jas's bedroom.... our room looked exactly the same

and the best best best part.... there's free wifi.... faster than singtel back home.... that's the reason why i could load all these photos and blog about it ... =) 

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