Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2 - Ocean Park - Part 1

15 December 2012, Saturday

breakfast set (hk$28 = S$4.45) for the day at random 茶餐厅 along the way from our apartment to the train station

then took the mtr to Admiralty station, followed signage to the bus terminal  to take bus 629 that goes straight to ocean park 
bought entrance ticket (hk$280 = S$44.45) as well

cute entrance tickets

and 20 minutes later, we reached 

first stop - Grand Aquarium 
resting stingrays & reef sharks

sleepy giant octopus

lazing stonefish 

many many milkfish.... very sad life they have..... they could only swim round and round in this column of water.... 

stoning spider crabs

amazing view

saw these cute little elves just outside the grand aquarium.... thought they were here for a learning journey but no no no.... 

we followed them and found them getting ready for the xmas performance

aren't they super cute????

Next stop:

both panda, jia jia & an an were sleeping soundly in their enclosure

There were another 2 pandas sleeping in another enclosure (panda village) about 5 minutes walk away 

Basically, animals just like to sleep .... i guess they are just bored.... 

timing was right when we were done with the pandas so we went to watch the sea lion show

us waiting for the show to start

sing along session ....see how huge the sea lion was relative to the boy.... 

took the cable car to the other side of the mountain to continue our ocean park adventure... =) 

the view behind us

the view in front of us.... see the red & yellow roller coaster.... it's called the Hair Raiser, one of the 3 roller coaster rides in ocean park.... only for the dare-devils.... not us... =P 

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