Monday, December 17, 2012

Hong Kong Day 2 - Ocean Park - Part 2

the view at the other side of ocean park was awesome
that's the abbys ride behind us (the one that looks like twin tower).... super damn tall & damn scary lo.....and no, none of us took that ride too... our hearts are too fragile for this kind of excitement.... =P

Our first ride:
slowly go up , slowly turn & slowly come down...suitable for everyone.... =)

the inside of the revolving unit

Mr & Mrs Ang

the 360 degree view via the Ocean Park Tower

Our favourite snack in Hong Kong - Korean Grilled Squid @ HK$30 (S$4.75)

Only Jasmine & I took the Flying Swing...the ang's men said it was lame...=P 

so happy & so excited... 

and round & round & round we flew.... =)

us while waiting for the best moment to take pic & video for jasmine & dominic while they were at the Mine Train roller coaster ride 

they were the one in the 3rd carriage

Last ride of the day - Whirling Bird

Proceeded to the Polar Adventure area which was super duper freezing cold at 8 to 10 degree Celsius....=S.... but it was worth it.... cos the penguins were super duper cute.....and there were so many of them

they walked in a super cute and clumsy bom bom manner too... their wings had to be stretched out behind them de....hahahaha..... 

took the cable car back to the lower ground and was greeted with beautiful lightings

i really think ocean park is so much more fun & worth it than Disneyland.... it's like underwater world + mini zoo + cable car + theme park at the price of one... =D

We all really really luv ocean park!!!

we did no justice to ocean park cos we din try any of the scary rides and there were at least 7 of them..... then another 2 or 3 super speed spinning rides .... we were more interested in visiting the various animal enclosures yet half my photos in there were blur due to the no-flash policy... =S

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Jin Ngee said...

Because there no flash is allowed, it is best to get a camera that can take pictures w/o a flash. High end compact cameras with lenses achieve F1.4, F1.8 or F2.0 will do very well.

Both my wife and I were armed with F1.8 and F2.0 lens cameras for travel.