Saturday, January 5, 2013

ATPP exhibition - lego pixel us

another inspiration from the Art of the Brick exhibition

Title: 爱就是要退一步海阔天空
(Love should be about Compromising)

(Comprising is the key to our love)

painted the picture based on the printout i gotten from the exhibition

I wanted something of us yet not too mushy, not those that will give people goosebumps when looking at it.... wahahaha....i'm shy la.... so this abstract / blur representation of us just fit the bill..... it's a typical picture of us in 2D lego form created by an ipad app....

did consider if i should create the artwork using actual lego bricks but decided against it as i dun like to repeat my choice of medium (i already used lego bricks for the cube & shackle)... so using the proportion of one lego knob to 1cm, i drew it on one of the two big canvas which i bought especially for this exhibition, not knowing what i would do with them at the time of purchase... =P

took me a a couple of days and nights to complete due to the precision needed.... 1 day to draw and to paint the white section, 1/2 day for the yellow, 1 day for the red and the blue and 1/2 day for the black and to touch up on the straight edges

love the format of this artwork as it looks clearer only when the viewer steps back and look at it from a distance...  to me, it holds the same meaning that a lot of things can be much better if one is willing to take a step back, if one is willing to look at a bigger picture and not focus on the nitty gritty stuff... 

it relates to me because that's the reason why Mr Ang and I can still stay loving despite all the differences....if we had focus on all the nitty gritty faults of each other and the vast differences between us, we would have long say bye bye to each other lo.... =P 

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i really like this! -mx-