Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why couples grow fat together?

cos there are endless reasons to have a good meal.... heee... and these do not include meals at pizza hut, ichiban, dian xiao er, ajisen type of restaurant .... 

(1) to celebrate after exam @ wild honey


(2) to celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary on the actual day @ Mayim restaurant in Northpoint

corn soup


durian pastry ..... very duriany..... yumzzzzz

mango pudding with generous amount of milk...yumz...

highly recommended restaurant....every dish was just superb!!!!


(3) to reward mr ang for surviving 3 session of group tuition @ The Ship in nex

free bun with butter that came with the main course

appetizer for mr ang - oyster with bacon bits

Grilled fish with mushroom sauce for him

chicken with cheese and mushroom sauce

I finished everything on the was this GOOD.... the carrot was soft and sweet, the corn was sweet and juicy and the roasted potatoes were just heavenly.... yum yum.... 

it's really a case of good food every week... but luckily, mr ang is an exercise freak and i have been going for jogs at least once a week since dec... =) 


Seah said...

Couple growing fat tgt is good. But if only 1 of the 2 then....

Anw nice food pics! See liao really drool. Lucky cny makan alot of junk alr.

-Candy- said...

hahahaha..... yup yup.... if only 1 of the 2 then the couple will become to perfect 10 couple liao.... ;p