Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Snake Year

Since it's the Yin Water Snake Year, i guess it's totally forgiveable that i have been eating lots of 'snake' and not been updating the blog...P 

been drama-ing too much... got hooked to a 76 episode drama is no joke... more about that in later post.... 

anyway, the let loose, eat all celebration started off with the chuas' reunion dinner on Friday night 

no photos cos everyone was too engross in shouting stories at each other while crowding around the steamboat.... 不知道的人还以为蔡家又大事情了.... wahahaha.... 

reunion dinner with the angs on Saturday
simple meal cosy meal


spent cny countdown with mr ang, joyce and leon over a game of mahjong and lost $9... =S

anyway, my favourite new year greeting this year.... =) 

it was on repeat mode throughout the mahjong game ... very difficult not to like it when it's so cute and catchy.... 

it's a HUAT HUAT HUAT song.... wishing everyone HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!!!... =D

<< 大年初一 >>

super happy that i could finally fit into my little red dress without looking like a red 包 ba zhang  ... =D

my hard work had finally paid off.....been running at least once a week, just so that i wun look like a red 包 ba zhang .. =P 

<< 大年初二 >>

i think my left profile look much better and much younger than the right profile....heee....  will have to remember to always stand on mr ang's left ... =P 

with 洪妈妈 side of the family

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