Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day


mr ang: i hv no tuition so we can makan together

mrs ang: okok. i m at bras basah. wanna eat here?

mr ang: oh. okok. i go find u.

mrs ang: i bring u go food for thought to eat

this conversation happened on 15 feb
a typical dinner together but just because it was during the valentine period, we just treated it as val-day celebration... =P 

seafood pasta for mr ang

my cute cute mr ang busy coordinating the gathering at night

prawn pasta for me ... yummilious... 

very small portion for all their main course which left enough stomach space for  dessert... =) 

baked cheese + fudge cake (below the baked cheese) + vanilla ice-cream with raspberry sauce... ymmmzzzz

and for gift exchange this year...
mrs ang bought a pair of swimming trunks at $15.90 for mr ang last month when  holes were spotted due to wear & tear.... oopx.... 

and mr ang promised to get me a box of popin cookin fun mix to play with... haven decide on which box to get yet though.... =D

that's it... our super impromptu val-day and anyhow celebration.... valentine day was never really important to us starting from our first year... not that i dun like flowers but more to i dun know what to do with the flowers after i received them.... first they take up space, then they collect dust and eventually they end up in the bin.... 

so as much as i envy those who received flowers and will smile like a 花痴 when i saw pictures of their beautiful bouquets via fb... i told mr ang not to get any for me.... 

but it dosen mean that val-day is treated can be treated like any thursday oh... that's why i was a little grouchy on the actual day when i came back from work.. 

first, i was asked to help out with the wiring for the newly acquired stereo set then he asked if we should do our laundry then third he started vacuuming the floor .... argh!!!!

though we dun celebrate valentine's day but it dosen mean he can treat it as any normal day right??? and definitely he cannot ask if i wanted to do housework because the answer is definitely a NO.... 

luckily, he sensed something was not right pretty soon and pacifying me with his cuteness, brought me out to have mac ice-cream and gave me extra hugs and kisses.... 不然他就死定了 ... =P 

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