Monday, March 11, 2013

B stands for Baby

B stands for Baby 

though Mr Ang and I are not a anti-children couple, neither are we (at least for me) a pro-children couple.... at least not now.... 

i am planning to do my advanced diploma in arts education this August to November. it's gonna be a super stressful period and I really need to put in a lot more time and effort just to graduate from the course 

so i m really praying that i dun hit the B jackpot anytime till Nov this year.... 

and Mr Ang will be doing his phd in UK 2 years later for 1 whole year ... so am i suppose to look after baby ang in mr ang's absence  or am i suppose to go on no pay leave and bring baby ang along to uk leh???? 

if it really happens, i guess option 1 will be the choice, at least i will have 洪 mama and probably a domestic helper to help look after baby ang and i dun think we can afford to have the whole family over at UK while I'm on no pay.... money just dosen fall from the sky ah.... expenses in UK will be rocket high and i cant work part time if i need to look after baby ang there right??? 

so i really really hope that people stop asking when baby ang is coming along cos i really dun know as well.... we are not stopping it from coming but i'm just not looking forward to it for now.... 


In the mean time, do be happy for us that we are happy with our 2 fluffy dogthers for now k?  

B is also for braces and bearbi

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