Saturday, March 30, 2013

H stands for Hubby

My hubby is Mr Ang Kok Ming. 

He's an undergrad studying material engineering in NTU right now. He will be graduating this July and will be starting his phd program this August. 

He's a vainpot who exercise alot alot just so that he can look fit, look good in his clothing and have abs that he can stare at all day long... =P 

He's a very hardworking hubby. He provides for our little home sweet home through the many many tuition assignments that he takes up every year since the year we met despite having a very busy study-load and CCA commitment-load. 

He's a big little boy who is man enough to 扛下 all the responsibility as a hubby and the man of our home sweet home yet childish to the max with his 小孩子脾气... =P

He's a very hardworking (& kiasu) student who do all his tutorials and start revising from the very first lecture of every module. 

He's a super unromantic yet a super sweet hubby. He doesn't give me surprises nor expensive gifts but is always ready to pamper me with his time, endless hugs and kisses and the oh crack me up so much nonsense. 

He's very accepting towards my flaws. He does all the housework just because i hate doing them. We eat at his mum's place or out just because i cant cook. He will still say he loves me when i am feeling and looking horrible due to my pimpled face and flabby arms, thighs and tummy. 

and the best part is, he likes to stay at home too.... maybe that's y he can accept my super nua-ness.... so while he studies, plays game at home, go gym, go swimming, go running, i can just 趴 on the bed watching online drama, surf net and nap all day long... =D

I really feel that i'm a very lucky wifey just because my hubby is him.... =*  

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