Saturday, April 6, 2013

I stands for I

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
G stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby

                                          I stands for I

                                         My name is Candy.

I used to do modern dance, dive, rock-climb, roller blade and club quite a fair bit.... but outgrown all of them in recent years... =S.... now my life is just about nua-ing and food with the people i love.... how boring can i get??? =S

I'm a typical libra whose life is all about balancing. i'm a strong advocate of work-life balance.... working on weekends, school holiday and saturday is a BIG no no for me..... i will feel very frustrated and grumpy if i have to attend to work related events/ stuff on these special rest day and i do show it in my face... and though a libra's life is also about fairness (a subset of balance), and i really wish there's fairness in life and all that we do, but life experience had taught me that life is never fair and i find myself accepting this hard fact of life pretty well.... 

I'm a peace lover. i will try my very best to avoid any conflict and confrontation. I'm those who will never force people to do things they dun like. i will just do it myself. i'm not those that will confront others for their wrong-doing or incompetency, if i 看不爽, then i will just 眼不见为净. 

i'm a loner. i love going shopping alone. i can have my meal alone in canteen or coffee shop and even restaurants. i love having me time. i can mop around the whole day without saying a single word. Mum used to say that i have gold in my mouth, 开嘴讲话,金会掉. =P 

i'm not an asker. i do not ask about other people's life but that dosen mean i dun care. i believe in, if you wanna tell me, u will tell me without me asking. 

I cant hold a conversation, i'm a super introvert that finds it very tiring and awkward to mingle with crowd and strangers.... i tend to avoid weddings and parties if the host is the only person i know well no matter how good a friend he/she is. i would choose to have a one-to-one celebration for them if possible instead. Sadly, going for courses and meeting and workshop is part of my job, so it's the norm to see me float in and out of the venue without saying anything for the whole duration of the course/meeting/workshop despite sitting next to a human being.... =S .... 

i have absolutely no ambition to climb the corporate ladder so i really hope to get into the advanced dip course so that i can be a full fledge art teacher.... really looking forward to having more play time with the kids and seeing the school as a huge playground for my art planning.... wahahahaha.... 

I try not to whine (much) and i hate those who whine non-stop over the same thing over and over again. i either just live with it or think of a solution to solve it once and for all or avoid it altogether. It's really a matter of choices made. 

i dun own a car cos cars are freaking expensive in singapore. 
i can afford to purchase a resale flat + give it a simple reno cos i have been giving LOTs of tuition and saving all the additional income since uni days, thru smartlab days, contract teaching days, nie days and even the early trained teaching days till 2 years ago. in addition, i choose to life a simple life with less indulgence and definitely less branded. i chose to marry a hubby who is still an undergrad this year because he agreed to pay for the whole wedding, honeymoon and furniture out of his own pocket from the income he earns as a tuition teacher. And because of his willingness and hardwork, we made do with a very simple wedding; we opt to hold the wedding at a restaurant instead of a hotel and were super happy when the angbaos from generous friends and relatives covered the whole cost of the banquet. we opt to use our friend's and elder bro's cars instead of renting those cute/expensive/branded one. we opt to ask our talented friends to take our wedding photos and do my menicure instead of paying for professionals to do it. we opt to save on wedding gear by purchasing his suit from POA and getting bff to sponsor my gown from Yen. 

see.... things (cars, house, wedding) that many ppl are complaining about are not really a problem if simpler choices are made. Life can be so much simpler and happier if one opt for the simpler things in life.... =) 

i know these last few paras gonna piss many ppl off..... but ur whining piss me off too.....=P 

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Charlene(BFF) said...

first time giving my comment to your blog entry.. certain parts of this entry describe me as well.. haha.. love this one! (",)