Sunday, April 7, 2013

J stands for Jobs i had

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I

J stands for Jobs

My first part time job was as a 收盘 & 洗碗小妹 at 蔡家 canteen at the age of about 6 on every weekend. It started off really well as I would get to sleep in 蔡爸爸's van or the canteen storeroom till i 自然醒, then happily help out a little here and a little there as if i was playing 家家酒. Daily wage was $3. 

Then i was promoted to be the cashier because my mental sum was better than 蔡 mummy. And eventually promoted to 咖啡小妹 by the time i quit at the age of 18. Daily wage was $10. 

super exploitation right???? but what to do???? 自家生意leh.... =S

so imagine my happiness when i knew that i no longer have to spend all my sundays waking up at 5am to help out at the canteen anymore just because i started giving tuition on weekends after completing my As. =D

At the same time, i was on a half year relief teaching stint, together with lorraine n mei, at Woodlands Ring Secondary School. Was teaching science to 2 classes of sec 1 pupils and a few CME classes to secondary 3 pupils. This was like the happiest time of my life la.... earning close to $2k a month from relief teaching + tuitioning + no finance obligation = spend spend n spend some more....on good food, on clothes, on bags, on shoes.... wahahaha.... =) 

1st job after graduating with a business degree was as a salegirl at iora (the branch at suntec) earning just $5 an hour..... for god's know what reason, i suddenly had this urge to be in the fashion industry upon graduation despite not having any knowledge in it and definitely no flare in it... i think it lasted for less than 2 months. Had too much pride to remain as a sale girl and see no prospect at that time.  

2nd job was as a management trainee with The Executive (high end boutique selling imported ties and belts)  earning $1400 a month. Lasted another 2 months. Left the job cos boss was announcing to me that the salary of the manager who had worked for him for the last 5 years was gonna hit $3k. He was so proud that he was giving her such a 'HIGH' salary but i was like... (-.-!!!).... 10 different tuition assignments a week, a total of 20 teaching hours per week, could have fetch me close to this amount liao lo..... i was charging $30 - $35 per hour back in uni liao lo. Tendered my resignation the very next day. =P 

And 'management trainee' was just a nicer job title for salegirl la... =S... job scope exactly the same lo.... really kudos to people who are in the sales line... they have to be on their feet the whole 8 - 10 hours a day, work on weekends and public holidays, smile at customers no matter how demanding and unreasonable some could be, stress over sale target, clean the shop space, have lunch alone, and the price of a meal in the food court at any shopping centre is not cheap lo... aiyo, the pay really dun justify la.... 

3rd job after graduation was as a full time tuition teacher at smartlab education centre. starting pay $1700 per month. 1 year 7 month there got me one of my BFF, joyce. realised that i dun like and cant handle meetings and admins and management responsibilities. I just wanted to teach. i also cant stand those arrogant parents who talked down just because they paid us to teach their kids. argh!!!.. ya, hate having to work on weekends too.... =P 

Hopped over to moe in 2005 and have been a very happy employee thus far. Was trained as a math, science and english teacher. made the choice to be a lower primary teacher and eventually made the choice to be an art teacher. Reaching my final hurdler to be a trained art teacher liao. Interview result will be out by Friday. Fingers crossed n praying hard!!!!..... i really really wanna be a full fledge art teacher till i retire.... =) 

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