Monday, April 22, 2013

M stands for My Man and his 1st car

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs
K stands for Kitchen deco
L stands for Life is good

M stands for My Man and his 1st car

I have always been a super anti-car owner person cos i just feel that owning a car in singapore is damn expensive la. It's like a super waste of money... i rather use the money to travel...   

But it was me and my big mouth that kick-started the whole idea of owning a car. 

It all started when i had to travel from Hougang to NIE for the advanced diploma in arts education interview in March and it freakingly took me 2 hours. Was complaining non-stop that night and was asking Mr Ang how he managed to tahan the long travelling hours to and fro for the last 3 years while doing his degree in NTU and since i would be doing my advanced dip in NIE and him his phd in NTU this august onwards, i insisted that he is to get a hostel room for both of us. I'm so not going to spend 4 hours a day travelling between hougang and boon lay!!!! 

checked and found out that singaporean phd students are not entitled to apply for hostel.... !@#$%^&*())&^@.... 

so next option is to take cab lo.... per trip is estimated to be $30, so $60 a day, $300 a week, $1200 a month.... wt!@#^&*()_*%$.... might as well get a car....

that's it.... that's it.... 真的是"祸"从口出.... immediately Mr Ang sprang into action.... his desire to own a car has been suppressed by me since his first year in ntu.... =P .... i think he saw this as a once in a life time opportunity la.... 如果错过了这个机会,就永远别想买车了.....

so surf the net he did and we sort of agreed (reluctantly) on the maximum amount that he should spend on the car.... 

And on a fateful Sunday, Mr Ang, his bff and I made a trip to ubi automobile megamart and after making rounds and rounds from level 2 to level 5, asking every sale-person from every company, Mr Ang finally found an auto car that fits into his budget....

it's a second-hand black hyundai avante 

that cost a whooping $30k .... though the money is not mine, i still feel super heartache for him seh... =S... and i think that it's gonna be difficult for him to save up in future cos the amount of money that is needed to maintain the car monthly is ridiculously high la... 

 let me give u a brief breakdown:

  • petrol - $280
  • season parking - $65
  • insurance - $2540 / 12 mth = $211.70
  • road tax - $760 / 12 mth = $63.35
  • servicing - $150 / 3 mth = $50 
  • miscellaneous (coupon, cashcard, erp) - $20
  • summon - $70
TOTAL: $760/month

why did i estimate summon to be $70 leh??? cos he just kenna one on our first car-date out last sunday to serangoon gardens.... i have been there multiple times with joyce and laurice and no one ever receive a ticket before lo.... how lucky can my Mr Ang gets?!!?!!?

us happily snapping away seconds before we saw the summon ticket... =S 

anyway, on the other hand, i think Mr Ang will choose to work doubly and triply hard to ensure that his saving can grow instead just because he is my super duper hardworking Mr Ang..... the man who work doubly hard to save enough money to pay for our wedding and honeymoon when he was just 22.... =D

To make me feel better about him getting the car, Mr Ang has been ferrying me to and from school whenever he's available....=)... and i have to's great being ferried around.... wahahahaha.... it used to be 蔡爸爸's job, then it was chunyang's and now my Mr Ang's.... =) 
on the way to school this morning... =) 

so hopefully my expenses on cab will drop significantly then i can use the money to treat Mr Ang to more good food.... 

Can tell that i have stubbornly refuse to pay a single cent towards maintaining the car right???... =P.... and 霸道如我, the car can only be classified as Mr Ang's 女儿 and not as 小老婆.... cos Mr Ang can only have one wifey and that is ME!!!!


Franco Chua said...

Congrats on Owning a Car. Thats not the end of list which you stated. More shall come. Hehehehe. Dont forget Polishing, Car Accessory, Decorations, etc if Mr Ang likes Fancy Rims. :P

-Candy- said...

I hope that he's not into those fanciful rim that are so ex but i know he's definitely getting man u stuff as accessories.... =)