Sunday, May 12, 2013

U stands for Understanding my mood swing

A stands for Alfred, Angela and Alvin  
E stands for Emperor
F stands for Fairy Tales
stands for my Genarasi
H stands for Hubby
I stands for I
J stands for Jobs
K stands for Kitchen deco
L stands for Life is good
M stands for My Man and his 1st car
N stands for NTU
U stands for Understanding my mood swing

another reason why Mr Ang is a great hubby is because he knows how to handle my mood swing when i am pms-ing.... 

just in case you dun know what is pms;
it is a collection of EMOtional symptoms that occurs consistently up to ten days before each menstrual cycle. More than 200 symptoms have been identified and the top 3 are irritability, tension and dysphoria (unhappiness). 

for me, unhappiness occurs when the follow equation happens:

weekend + no gathering/meet-ups + no urgent work to be done

and one such day is TODAY!!!! 

it's a Saturday... no need to report to work and no weekend lesson... din arrange to meet up with any friends... no school work due next week = no need to do work from home... 

Mr Ang needs to conduct 4 tuition lesson today, from 1030am to 7pm = no time for me!!!!

i woke up at 10am to clear the pups' shit, dosed off within 10 minutes of using my lappy and only fully woke up for the day at 1230pm.... 

ate lunch and proceeded to be 趴趴 hippo in front of my lappy.... nothing interesting in my facebook and Mr Ang's facebook.... no inspiration to write my letter U blog.... no mood to do anything... just feeling sleepy and moody the whole time and getting moodier as time past... 

i started asking myself a whole lot of questions that made me go from sad to sadder.... ='(

why is my sat like that??? 

why are all my sats like that???

why am i just wasting my sats away like that???

i'm a low maintenance wife doesnt mean that i 'm a NO maintenance wife...

why do you have to pack all your weekends with lessons???

why do you have to earn so much money??? 

 all these crazy thoughts were driving me insane.... i was feeling so horrible that i cried.... i knew if i dun get out of the house, i would definitely start a war at home.... i was already being very crude towards Mr Ang the whole afternoon liao .... and at the back of my mind, i knew i was being unreasonable yet i couldnt control my thoughts and the tone of my voice and the level of crudeness in my reply.... frustration to the max.... argh!!!!  

so i changed and got out of the house at about 3+!!!! ignoring Mr Ang's question on where was i heading to.... 
i was 耍-ing my 小姐脾气cos i wasnt sure where i wanted to go too.... i just knew i need to go out and make myself feel better.... 

saw bus 161 and decided to head to compasspoint... loitered around.... bought myself a pair of shoes, a cup of koi, some old chang kee snacks.... and within an hour.... i was home.... a happy (and more stable) girl.... =) 

 was rather guilty and a little worried that Mr Ang would be angry at my nonsense la....  if i was the one who was conducting 4 tuition lessons at home and my hubby gave me this kind of nonsense and attitude, i confirmed give him one time good good lo.... 

Mr Ang was finishing his 3rd lesson when i got home. After he had dismissed his student, he told me that he had cancelled his last class.

awwwww....... how can i not be 感动???? 

he was worried when i went "missing" for an hour cos i had left my phone at home...=S..... he knew i was upset and needed company .... so he brought me out for dinner and we went grocery shopping .... 

all i need during pms was his company.... =) 

he always ask: 象他这样的好hubby哪里找?

and i will always answer: neh...找到了lo .... heeee

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