Friday, June 14, 2013

Evergreen Grasslands

similar to last year .... it just had to rain.... i m starting to think that it's monsoon period in taiwan in june la.... =S 

but luckily, it stayed as a drizzle throughout with occasional short breaks

adult price is NT$160 (S$6.90) each for mummy while youth price is at NT$80 (S$3.45) for alfred and me*

really really happy that the 羊 meh mehs were really everywhere de...... heeeee

a box of pellets cost NT$10 (S$0.43) 

and with pellets on hand, the 羊 meh mehs will just come... glad that they will just nom nom nom the pellets off without smearing any of their saliva on my hands.... =D

since the 羊 meh mehs were everywhere... it means that landmines were everywhere too.... =P

had fun playing with the 羊 meh mehs before 

why aren't the sky clear blue and dotted with white fluffy clouds?????  ='(  

such a beautiful place..... if only the sky were "bluer"

a little sianx due to the wet start for the day.... =/

bought a cute 羊 meh mehs magnet at NT$40 (S$1.75) to cheer myself up... =) 

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