Monday, June 17, 2013

steamboat @ ximending

i think it's a must to enjoy at least one steamboat meal in ximending cos they are just freaking cheap la....  

we went on a Friday afternoon and even with the 10% service charge, which they termed 'cleaning fee',  it only cost NT$493 (S$21.25) each

first time see FREE FLOW beer at steamboat restaurant lo.... 

anyway, i tried both brands of ice cream and my choice  is MOVENPICK!!!!

i made sure i had room for all the ice cream by eating them before the steamboat.....wahahahaha..... got a nagging from mummy in return... =P 

 arent they thoughtful to provide a tag for the trays of meat that were served upon request

 a variety of tea to choose from.... 

eating mango like an ice cream..... =) 

tons of sauces to choose from too..... 

mummy busy piling her plate with FOOD 

all i can say is... mummy and alfred were very satisfied with the scallops, crabs and prawns and osyters.... =) 

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