Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Taipei Main Station for 李儀奶油太阳饼

was sad that mr ang's favourite  奶油太阳饼  shop at jiufen was closed by the time we reached the day before so to taipei main station we went in search for the famous 儀奶油太阳饼 which vivian highly recommended. 

and tatatata.... found it between exit Z3 and Z6

at NT$300 (S$12.95) a box, i bought a total of 8 boxes which equates to having to lug 80 pieces of 太阳饼 back to Singapore ... =S...

alfred and mummy bought 2 boxes only because they had already bought 3 boxes of 
太阳饼  and 3 boxes of pineapple tarts in taichung

thank  for having free delivery for purchase of NT$2000 and above... =).... but dun expect them to deliver on the day itself or the very next day... we waited 2 working days to receive our orders oh... 

and thanks vivian for the wonderful suggestion of packing the 太阳饼 in tupperwares .... i managed to pack 6 boxes worth of 太阳饼 into this tupperware box which 洪 mama had kindly lent to me... it really helped to save alot of luggage space.... =) 

next on the list was to find another bakery shop just outside of exit Z5 which vivian requested for her box of pineapple tarts... 

it must be damn good to cost NT$420 (S$18.10) per box for 12 pieces. 

quite a good shopping area with rows and rows of shops

 managed to buy these two tops for myself at only NT$100 (S$4.30) each.... =) .... in need of simple tops to wear to nie this aug to nov.... 
these were 2 out of the 3 shopping items i bought for myself despite taiwan being a shopping paradise... no bags, shoes or accessories this round..... just too lazy to look for bargain and i guess i have outgrown budget oversea shopping liao.... =P

and also we werent really in the mood to shop...all 3 of us were a little drowsy from the excess in-take of food from the steamboat lunch... =P 

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