Thursday, July 4, 2013

Syf celebration 2013 @ esplanade

was happy to find out that Esplanade conducts short tours through its Concert Hall, Theatre* and other front of house facilities to provide an understanding of its architecture and history, and how it contributes towards the development of the arts in Singapore... =) 

It's a 45 minutes tour at $10 each and participants get to find out how its Concert Hall can be acoustically tuned to sound like a small room or a huge cathedral; how venues like the Concert Hall and Theatre are able to block out every possible external noise and vibration; how the iconic “durian” cladding allows the building to have a transparent facade while blocking out glare, and much more. 

No registration is needed and although it is stated that walk-ins are welcome on a first-come-first-served basis, i would suggest to give them a call at 68288377 to check if all the venues on the tour are available. I went on a day where the concert hall and the theatre were both occupied for rehearsal. =( 

Anyway, interested participants can meet at the Concert Hall Information Counter (Concourse, Level 1) before the tour starts at the following times:

Tuesdays to Fridays: 9am, 12.30pm and 2pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 9am only

If you prefer a more thorough understanding, there's also a 2-hour tour at $30 for adults and $24 for children 12 years and above. However, a minimum group of 12 is necessary..... Where on earth can i get another 11 people who are interested to spend $30 to know the esplanade better???  =S

Anyway, i was at the esplanade for the  SYF celebration this week and before i got started with my arty stuff, I rewarded myself with a chillax session at Hagen Daz ... =) 

cute ukelele on sale at $59 each in esplanade... how i wish i am a little more musically inclined....  

The 'tunnel' that links Esplanade to the City Hall Mrt Station was decorated with artworks which spans 85m. 

The artworks were all inspired by the claddings (durian spikes) on the esplanade's exterior.  

Close up on some of my favourites... all so pretty.... why are all these people so creative de???? 


was at the esplanade as my art club kiddos were attending a workshop on Picasso Portraits conducted by the teachers from Woodlands Primary School as part of the SYF celebration.

great idea which i am so gonna try out with the lower primary next year.... =) 

while my kiddos were busy with their portraits, i was captivated by this display panel that was made from  Styrofoam boards..... 

 another fantastic idea which can be brought back to school!!!!... =)

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