Monday, July 22, 2013

Singapore's H stands for Haji Lane

been wanting to visit Haji lane since i watched episode 59 of qiuqiu's budget barbie 
Happy Angs on a date to Haji lane.. =*

my yantao driver... =)

the fun and excitement began with the chase for a parking lot with all the other carS.... lucky us manage to find it within 10 minutes... heee

beautiful view of Sultan Mosque welcomed us on our first visit to the area in the evening... =) 

long stretch of make-shift stalls selling malay food and dessert during this month of ramadan

decided to have dinner at Sufi's Corner Turkish restaurant which was along Arab street, just one street away from Haji lane

pretty but worn out table and seats

love the pretty pretty lights sold next door.... =) 

we chose outdoor dinning and this was our 'view'.... wahahahaha.... 

minced chicken with cheese, potato and tomato accompanied with nann for me and diced chicken in a french nann for mr ang.... interesting food but too meaty for my liking, though the bread was very yummy.... this kind of exotic food, think try once enough liao.... =D

proceeded to haji lane for shopping... some/most of the shops were already closed by the time we reached at 8+ but i still had fun snapping pics of all the interesting and eye-catching display of those which were still in operation... 

basically, it's two rows of unique shops along a narrow (Haji) lane ... actually, i felt kind of stress shopping in this area cos the shops are all so tiny.... i never like entering tiny shops cos i always think that the salesperson will say my 坏话 if i went in and din buy anything... cos usually the things sold in tiny shops are out of my range de.... guess it's just my 自卑心在做怪... =S ... 

but somehow, we did enter one of the shops, JIA, which has the logo in the chinese character 'home'

we went in with the intention of looking at men's wear to having the intention of getting a pair of men's shoes only to find out that mr ang's feet were too large even for the largest size available and finally to me actually buying this bag at $52 instead.... 
not my usual style...but i thought it looks kind of chic and unique leh.... guess i was just in the mood to spend since (mini) bonus came in... =) 

update from oct:
qoo10 was selling this bag for only $32... =(.... but dun know how's the quality is like though.... but i did receive alot of positive feedback for this bag... =) 

on the way back to the carpark, we saw many people shisha-ing at  

took a look at the menu and saw that there were so many flavours.....the air around this area is super 甜甜的  lo... =) 


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