Saturday, August 10, 2013

National Day Celebration - Promontory @ Marina Bay

Thanks 洪大哥 for the tickets... =) 

din expect to be able to collect the actual national day gift pack with so many ling ling long long inside...  =) 

 Mr Ang starting on the salmon sashimi while in the queue
and we gobbled up all the sushi (picnic style) while waiting for the show to start

nice view all around... MBS in front and many many skyscrapers 'protecting' us from behind.... heee

 performance put up by the team young NTUC P.L.A.Y before the live telecast from the floating platform

to welcome the red lions, who didnt appear due to the overcast sky (-_-) , a super gigantic singapore flag were rolled out OVER the participants...  wahahaha

Night falls

 my favourite gift pack item.... had so much fun bullying mr ang with this sabre torch .... heee

to promote / create awareness / symbolise the labour movement, candle flame was passed from one candle to the next and spread throughout  the promontory 

 this candle flame passing ceremony reminds me of council investiture where the out-going councillors passed the flame to the in-coming councillors before extinguishing our own flame....awwww..... 

anyway, night time also means fireworks time... =) 

i feel that the firework this year lost in comparison to last year one oh

ending our national date with dessert at ji de chi... =)

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