Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gyming at hougang clubfitt Gym

actually, with  15 clubfitt gyms around singapore  and at a price of $2.50 per entry, i really dun understand why people choose to spend so much on private gym membership.... 

i used to be a 'regular' at gyms de oh.... the ones in woodlands and yishun were my 'regular' hangout places with my 'regular' kakis, chunyang, joyce and mr ang...but somehow, i just got lazier and lazier and lazier... =P 

so why back to the gym leh???  there could only be one reason and that is because i seriously need to lose some weight.... i think i am at my flabbiest ever lo.... 

took a pix of our running gears before we set off... =) 

Mr and Mrs Ang before hitting the gym

while the two mr angs kept themselves busy with all the muscle building stunts, i did 20 mins of cycling + 10 mins of rowing boat + run and walk 2km.... i hope i lost at least 350 calories??? 

Mr and Mrs Ang after hitting the gym

really 看起来比较有精神 leh.... 

been trying to workout since last sunday and so far did two days of waist exercise by following this video which see ling had posted on fb...... 

though it's just a 10 min workout, i felt the muscle ache almost immediately after all the stretching and twisting.... =S

eventually, i'm gonna increase my daily/alternate day workout to include another 10 mins with part 1 of the video

and then improve to the 30+ mins one

I really need to be less flabby!!!!

anyway, ending the post with a funny video on gym goers.... heeee

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