Sunday, September 1, 2013

Singapore's S stands for Staycation @MBS

the first staycation we had was to celebrate our 1st year together and the 2nd was a free stay at conrad as part of the wedding banquet package from peony jade

we moved into our home sweet home soon after and both mr ang and i agreed that it would be too wasteful to spend $$$ on any staycation.... we already had the whole hougang suite, aka home sweet home, y bother paying for a room right????? And the price of a room in any reputable hotels in Singapore is just ridiculously expensive la.... =P

then why this staycation??? it was really 托洪大哥的福, we got to enjoy a night at mbs.... the room was part of his company's family day package... it was a 送佛送到西, 洪大哥 even drove us from hougang to mbs and checked-in for us... 真的是 thank you very the much oh.... =) 

Our home sweet home for the night

there were so many vehicles in mbs that they opened up the expo halls for parking after their carpark was full by the time we reached at 2+pm..... thumbs up for having contingency plans in place ... =) 

having a hard time capturing this mega huge yet super thin structure, DRIFT, by Anthony Gromley, hung above the registration counter

anyway, it was a case of "everything happened for a reason" that we managed to be registered for the night.... it all started with mr ang having left his wallet and all his photo id at home to me having his student pass cum ezlink card with me as i had lost mine 3 days ago

our room sweet room in tower 3, level 10

unobstructed view from our balcony.... =) ... 
picture perfect garden by the bay.... 

the first thing he did was to 'plong' himself down on the lazy chair  

lunch was at 

cute balloon deco in the restaurant 

and free flower balloons for me... =) 

really felt like date day....heeee

salmon burger for him, grilled chicken burger for me and garlic fries for us.... very yummy.... 

super close up on my burger


geared up for a visit to the famous infinity pool located at level 57....=)  

off we went with admission cards in hand

i have to admit, the view up there was really great... =) 

though the pool wasn't really meant for swimming ..... 
it is a 'wet' platform for sightseeing and photo-taking... wahahahha..... =P 

we left the pool within half an hour so that mr ang could explore Banyan Fitness Centre located on the 55th floor in tower 2 while i struggled with my assignments alone in the room... ='( 

night fell and oh mine, Gardens by the Bay is so pretty..... luv luv.... 

headed to bugis for dinner at Mai Maison  followed by blackball for dessert before we ended our night, back in mbs room 1021... =) 


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