Friday, October 11, 2013

IVP4402: 3D exploration (4) - Clay carving

bottom is the clay mold which i carved and the top is the plaster cast created by pouring plaster mix onto the clay mold and allowed to harden...

apply a layer of wood dye to act as a paint for the other colours 

apply desired colour (acrylic paint with water)

optional: Add gold dust for bling bling effect... =) 

made two of these, together with the letter 'H' which Wan gave me and the 'o', 'm', and 'e' 
which i made during ceramics class.... me gonna combine all of them into a home decor for home sweet home... =) 


this is part 2 of 7 parts to the series "Advanced Diploma in Primary Art Education". A series of blog posts that are updated weekly (from aug - nov) to document the activities, progress and learning point(s) from the week's lessons... =) 

Part 1 - IVP4401: 2D Exploration 
             (1)(2 - 4)

Part 2 - IVP4402: 3D Exploration 
             (2)(3)(4)(5)(6), (7) 

Part 3 - IVP4403: New Media Exploration 
             (1), (2)(3&4)

Part 4 - IVP4404: Visual Literacy 

Part 5 - IVP4405: Artistic Development of Children

Part 6 - IVP4406: Methods and Materials 

Part 7 - IVP4407: Curriculum Development and Assessment 

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