Friday, October 4, 2013

Singapore's P stands for 50 greatest Photographs of national geographic

with the intention to visit just one exhibition, 50 greatest Photographs of national geographic, yee and i ended up visiting all three that are currently held at the ArtScience Museum at only $24 (Singaporean price).... =P 


(till 27 October 2013)

Photos from this magazine, even the kids' version which all the pupils in my school subscribed to, are always superbly good ...

sharing some of my favourite from the exhibition... =) 

Tollund Man By Robert Clark

Mbuti Pygmies's Nkumbi by Randy Olson 

more photos and write up about nkumbi 

Afghan girl,1984 and 2001, by Steve McCurry

(till 5 Jauary 2014)

impressed that dissecting a chair can be this beautiful too.... 

dun really know how to appreciate this exhibition which was on furniture creation by Charles and Ray Eames so imagine my delight when we came across this hands-on workshop for all.... heee 

a large variety of materials to choose from ... =) 

tool box provided upon 'registration' 

tatata... my creation ... =) 

still got cushions to hug de oh!!!!....  


(till 4 November 2013) 

No photography is allowed in this exhibit... better not also... cos all the exhibits are real stuff dug out from the Egyptians' grave de oh.... not that i am very superstitious.... just that i chose to be more respectful towards the not-living... =P 

the whole thing about Egypt is all about the life after death and not the life of the living Egyptian??? really dun understand why such unique obsession during that time... =S 


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