Monday, November 4, 2013

Pups Matter (ALOT)

been a while since i last blogged about my two princesses... the last post was a year ago.... nothing much have changed... they are still as tiny, still as cute and still as precious to mr ang and me... =) 

This is Snowy aka 小白

and this is Brownie aka 小胖

actually, Brownie's not really fat at all... she's just relatively fluffier than Snowy.... She has super pom pom fur which always makes her look super round and fluffy especially in the last few weeks before her grooming session... =P 

there she was, waiting patiently for her shave from 蔡 mummy 

isn't she pomz maxz???... wahahahaha

They still hate their bath and i still hate bathing them cos they would still try to hide away from the water by hiding behind me!!!! machiam like playing 老鹰捉小鸡 where they are the 小鸡s and i am the 母鸡 who's trying to catch her own 小鸡s la.... 

so i came up with the idea of using our laundry basket as their new "bathtub" which does a perfect job at confining them in one location and prevents them from hiding away from the water and ME ... =) 

a very upset and drenched pair this afternoon.... wahahahaha.... =P 

who were rewarded with plentiful of meat meat & biscuits and lots of treat treats after the shower.... 

有其母必有其女.... napping is our common hobby.... wahahahahaha 

besides their 4 cushions; two in their "bedroom" and these two besides mr ang's and my bed

their other favourite nap place is on our bags...

on certain days, they make do on rugs around the house too

and since mr ang bought his car, we have brought the two of them out for walks at Punggol beach occasionally, usually on the night before their bath, and they love it.... the moment they see their carriers, they would get very excited and then wriggled in on their own... =)

Do stay healthy and safe cos ur are really very precious to mr ang and me oh..... =*

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