Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bicheno Blowhole

Address: Bicheno Blowhole, 7215, Australia (near Burgess St)

saw a familiar rock upon arrival but without the gush of water leh.....

then we saw the first few gushes and realised that the height of the gush depended on the strength of waves that rushed through the gap between these two rocks below

managed to capture a few but all so teeny weeny de... =S

found the surrounding much prettier than the gush itself.... heee 

and even spotted a crab in between the rocks  

Girls Hercules trying to push the rock into the sea.... 

failed so Boys Hercules came to help.... wahahahaha 

so blame these two boys if you don't see the rock the next time you visit Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia... 

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