Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cataract Gorge Reserve

Yuan with our parking ticket 

We decided to take the chairlift up then hike our way back down to the entrance

our chairlift ticket at aud$12 each 

'sexy' legs hanging off the chairlift 

seeing that the couple on the oncoming chairlift was 'stepping' on trees.... 

I filmed this ultimate silly video of us doing so as well.... wahahahahaha

View from the chairlift was average compared to the other amazing ones @ Bay of Fire beach & The Nut we saw during the trip.... I still find it weird that there's a swimming pool in the reserve..... nature lagoon with swimming pool side by side is just so da match la... 

view of the Alexandra suspension bridge built in 1904 that wasn't scary nor swing-able at all 

there were quite a number of peacocks roaming around  the reserve and lucky us manage to this one really up close on our hike down

huge acorn on the floor  

reviving our childhood at the playground in the reserve 

we got scare off by a girl/lady who walked towards us then stood near the swing starring at us shortly after this photo was taken.... her hands were on her hips and she was in a long black coat.... we tot she was an official at the reserve about to inform us that the swing was only for children until we saw her playing on the swing after we left..... chey!!!!

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