Friday, December 27, 2013

Cider House & Black Cow

headed to the supermarket, coles, near our accommodation with the aim to purchase some alcohol and chips but were surprised to find out that alcohol could only be sold in bottle shops in Tazmania

confusing parking instruction at exorbitant rate of aud$2.20 per hour 

our ride at lot 3 

spotted a bottle shop while searching for our dinner venue 

happi 酒鬼们 stocking up... =P   

found our dinner place... =) 

Black Cow Bistro - 
70 George Street, Launceston, Tasmania TAS 2250, Australia

which was a 10 min drive away from our apartment

the boys enjoying their beer before the meal 

second oyster try-out for the 3 of them ... fresh with lemon this round.... can see that they are luving it more and more.... =) 

famous must try 350g of steak

so thick

but for a person who dun take beef at all, i made the excellent choice of upgrading an entree of pork belly into my main.... crispy burnt skin without the smell and taste of soot with super tender meat that just dissolved in my mouth....wooo..... 

YUMZZZ MAXXXX!!!!.... look how clean my plate was.... =D

total price for 4 main course, 2 beer and 6 oyster was about aud$190 .... rather ex but i feel that that my main was worth it.... thanks jessie for the strong recommendation on trip advisor(???) and tony for doing the research on food.... =D 

Jinx (3) Mr Ang broke his beer glass... but no additional charge... =P 

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