Friday, December 27, 2013

Forest Road Apartment @ Lauceston - Tasmania accommodation 2

Address: 92A Forest Road Apartments

Price : $215 for up to 5 pax (whole apartment) per night

our first experience with a key press.... key in the correct code to reveal a hidden compartment where the key to the door is kept... 

sweet note and welcome gift from the owner... =) 

woooooooo..... such a big living room.... =)..... a huge xmas tree at the corner would make it the perfect cosy venue for xmas.... =)  

so many fun boardgames which i tot we would entertain ourselves with for the 2 nights at this apartment but no, we were more into the free wifi provided..... oopx.... 

the free wifi was so tempting that i ignored the whole cupboard of free art supplies, art paper, ribbons, coloured pens, markers, punch art kits, stickers.... super upset at myself for being so addicted to facebook and blogging..... =S

The view from the living room.... so much greenery and a gleam of water ......  

bedroom 1

bedroom 2 

extra unoccupied single room since there were only 4 of us 

with breakfast supplies for us... =) 

apartment owner even planned activities for us 

 Activity (1) : Baking raspberry muffins 

Yuan and I had so so so so much fun... =)  

the boys were rather sceptical at first but eventually still showed their support.... =D

Activity 2: Feeding Pebble & Bear and the chickens that were running around in the backyard

don't play play oh..... the bunnies have their own name card de oh... 

Activity (3) Washing laundry .... wahahaha.... 

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