Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Freycinet National Park

Mr Ang got his $30 pre-paid sim card from the convenient store at BP petrol station near the airport at only $20.... it just happened that they were on discount that day.... the starting of a great holiday.... =) 

Mr Ang enjoying a 20 minutes chat with the Filipino who helped in activating his sim card... =P  

First stop of DAY 1 - Freycinet National Park

 beautiful scenery along the way  

and after a 2.5 hour drive, we finally reached Freycinet National Park visitor centre at 4.05pm only to find it CLOSED!!!!

According to the website, official closing is SUPPOSED to be at 5pm.... so our disappointment and shock level were rocket high when we had the sign turned from OPEN to CLOSE right in front of our eyes ... =S

the updated operating hours was not something we and the many people who came after us had expected

Luckily, Yuan refused to give up just like that so we loitered around and found the Pay & Display box which allowed us to purchase the admission ticket based on a trust system... =) ... They trusted us to pay the right amount without having any adminstrator/enforcer... it's just WOAH!!!!

This system is really based on human trust .... we could have just fill in the pass without paying and nobody will know.... isnt it just AMAZING???? 

 We chose the Wine Glass Bay  Lookout trail which took us about 1.5 hours return

pretty pretty trees along the way up, uP, UP

acorns which i thought looked like fluffed up birds / squirrels  at first glance

And this was the view we walked so hard for... =) 

the view was 75% worth the climb up... i luv the chilling wind more... heee.... would love it even more if i didnt have to climb an hour to enjoy it.... wahahahaha.... 

a very shag me after a 10 hr flight + less than 4 hours of sleep + climbed up an hour of slope and steps.... 还真的是上气不接下气.... =P

the descend was rather boring though... =S 

Our first encounter with wallabies at the carpark and there were 2 of them.... =).... so cute ... how i wished they were not so shy as to run away upon approached.... =(... would luv to pat pat them and hug hug them.... heee


left Freycinet National Park in search for dinner and grocery shopping... 

Saw pretty scenery along the way and stopped for cam-whore time.... the beauty of free + easy & self-drive travelling.... =) 

Fatty Angs who couldn't jump.... =P

We were so worried that we might need to go hungry without dinner on this very first day of the trip when we realised that most/all restaurants and grocery stalls along the way to our accommodation were closed 

Finally, found a restaurant and a convenience store that didnt close at 6pm.... 

a plate of 6 oysters Kil Patrick style at $18... the 4 above belonged to Mr Ang. Yuand and Tony tried one each.... all said NA to it... 

My Fish & Chip which i didnt like.... got fishy fishy smell... but the salad and the fries were very good.... 

chicken cutlet for Mr Ang which he gave a 6/ 10

Just in case we couldnt find any dinner for the remaining days as shops here really closed very early, we decided to stock up on pasta and pasta sauce..... 

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