Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

a total of 11 goals were drafted at the end of last year for 2013 and i'm glad to say, most are in the "achieved" zone and only two and a half fell into the "give up" zone.... my life is indeed great!!!!...  =P


on top of my list was to clear the interview for advanced diploma in arts education in feb and to graduate from the course in nov.... which i did since there's no quota for failure!!!! wahahahaha... =) 

since i formed my little home sweet home with mr ang and dun see the chua's family on a daily basis, i have been ensuring that there's regular family bonding activities throughout the year, on top of all the meet-ups for food... =) 

mar - full attendance to S.E.A aquarium 
jun - Taiwan with mummy and alfred
aug - night festival with mummy, alfred and angela
oct - massage with mummy, angela + lene
oct - halloween walk with mummy, alfred and alvin 

it's weird that i put in more time for the family after i moved out.... guess it's just human nature to take family members for granted when they are physically constantly around bah.... anyway, my wish for Alfred to get his promotion came true too!!!!..... congrats alfred!!!! 

maintaining work-life balance was easily achieved in semester 1 due to lesser teaching periods and lesser marking but i believe more brain cells died from planning of school base art programs this year.... especially for art learning journeys.... the logistic and the confirmation of dates just erk max .... =S

work life balance was totally off during the second semester while studying in nie.... every weekend was spent trying to complete the never ending assignments and trying to clear the readings .... =S.... i was sleeping an average of less than 5 hours a day on school days..... 

took me a while to recall when was the last time i had so little sleep over such a long period lo.....probably only during the practicum period where flowery lesson plans had to be submitted for every lesson... and that was like 7 years ago..... 

and the most importantly goal in my life, i am still HAPPILY married to mr ang... after 4.5 years of being together and 3 years of marriage, we are still very much in love with each other... there's still so much sweetness and cuteness in our relationship.... luv max max.... 我是幸福的.... yeah!!!!... Great Job Mr Ang.... heee... 

continued to stay (more) positive and focus on blessing and less on faults .... minus the fact that i was whining non-stop about the ridiculous amount of homework from the adv dip program..... =P .... but overall, i'm good.... =) 

was a p1 form teacher and art teacher for the first 2 terms with about 27 teaching periods per week only..... guess all the slack i gotten this year was paid back with credit card or loan-shark rate of interest during the advanced diploma course though.... =P....  

after 3.5 years of blogging, i (finally) achieved an average of 500 reads per day for the months of June - August.... but it dropped back to 300+ per day from sept onwards cos my blog was dominated by art related posts from the adv dip....=S...and naz.... din manage to get 3 more followers..... =S... 

Mr Ang and i joined yuan and tony on a 11 days tasmania trip from 15 to 26 december.... my first trip to australia.... mad love....=) ... 


however, things dun always go according to what i wish for.... but luckily these are usually minor minor stuff that only irritates me every now and then but doesn't stress me up much....  

(1) case close not because he returned the money, case close cos our friendship and the trust between us is worth only $1500... =S... i felt so dumb...but at least i managed to settle all the insurance stuff that was brought under him.... =) 

(2) another failed attempt at losing weight .... my 2x/3x weekly run with mr ang only sustained for about 5 weeks from 18 dec 2012 to jan 2014.... just enough for me to lose that tiny bit of fats to squeeze into that little red dress for cny.... i did try to do abit of aerobics dance starting july but stopped once the advanced dip started... i was just too mentally and physically tired from all the travelling to and fro nie and the mega amount of homework... =S ... then i was preoccupied with my drama marathon after the course completed.... then it was the 2 weeks Tasmania trip... and then end of the year liao lo.... wahahahahhaa.... one truck-load of excuses.... 

(3) din manage to go on a beach holiday this year.... but am not sad at all cos Maldives trip with Mr Ang in Jan/Feb 2014 during CNY is CONFIRMED!! .... happiness max... =) 

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