Monday, December 30, 2013

Narawntapu National Park


saw wallabies who were so so so shy.... no matter how quiet we were in approaching them, they would hop away when we were still more than 5m away lo... =S

wombat!!!! quite cute and rather bo chup when we went near it... just continued munching on the grass around it.... nom nom nom nom nom... =D 

most horrifying walk cos i saw signage that informed visitors to look out for snakes..... =S

Happy angs knowing that the walk was ending soon... =) 



zoom some more

zoom to the max
the 2 brave ones venturing into the grassland just so as to get closer to the humongous wombat... =) 

Jinx (4) We were honked at and pointed the melody finger while on our way to dinner... wat a way to end day 3 of our trip... =S 

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