Wednesday, December 18, 2013

off to Tasmania we went

happy Angs in the lift ready to catch a cab to the airport

Mr Ang with our gigantic luggage 

which weighed a whooping 27.8kg and got heavier as the day passed... =P 

the beginning of our jinx packed holiday started right here at the airport.... 

Jinx (1) : my australian visa which i paid aud$20 for couldn't be located in their system, they suspect that i might have keyed in my passport number wrongly and i had to reapply for another one at S$70 upon check-in... =S 

anyway, happy Angs on Qantas flight which cost us S$1266.30 each 

entertainment on board - Monster University 

supper on the plane - mango pudding, potato salad and seared fish in Kung Po sauce rice set 

 breakfast - yummy cinnamon scroll with strawberry yoghurt and milk & orange juice

watching the sunrise from my plane seat.... i had 59A - window seat... =) 

cotton candy clouds.... so fluffy!!!!

transit at Sydney and took domestic flight to Hobart and 10 hours later, we REACHED Tasmania!!!!!

And this was where we rented our ride for this trip.... 

went in search of our car at row F on our own after receiving instructions from the recep.... they had a very independent way of operating... everything is based on verbal instruction and we were left on our own.... no usher to our car, no demo on how to use the car etc etc.... we just had to figure out everything on our own.... 

our intended ride for the 10 days in Tasmania 
- 2L Lancer at aud$767.70 that included full insurance and rental of GPS which was a necessity.... just have to key in the address and we had no/minor problem reaching all our destinations.... =) 

Jinx (2) : Upgrading of our ride as our huge luggage took up so much space in the boot that yuan's and tony's luggage couldnt be squeeze in despite being rather small... 
here we have the boys trying various methods of 'manipulating' the yuan's & tony's luggage in the hope of squeezing the luggage in...... failed big time lo so in the end, we upgraded to a 3L Holden Malibu at an additional of aud$16 per day ... 

personally, i thought that it was a blessing in disguise as this car was a super smart car la....

read more about its smart technology here... i'm not a car person and dun own a driving license but the other 3 drivers on the trip were VERY amused with the car's smartness and functions oh... =) 

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