Monday, December 23, 2013

the beach b4 Bay of fire

amazing scenery with animals along the 1.5 hours drive from Bicheno Blowhole to Bay of Fire

However, the beach just before the actual destination ; Bay of Fire was just too seductive for us to drive by without stopping and i am so glad we were seduced.... 

video of the sea - take 1 - FAILED 
luckily my boots were waterproof

Take 2 - the perfect take... =) 

isn't this beach so so so pretty???... the sand was so fine, the water was so clear and blue and together with the clear blue sky, it was like a perfect beach holiday la.... just that none of us were in beach wear.... in fact, we were wrapped from top to toe as the temperature was approx 15 degree Celsius la

luving my princess kiss... =) 

self portrait of Mr Ang with his whoosh with the wind hair.... wahahahha

even extended our 'photo studio' onto the road based on Yuan's and Tony's "recommendation"... 

In the end, we  couldn't really find the road leading to Bay of Fire where huge granite rocks were covered with orange lichen so we just 随便便 took a photo of it from afar.... =P 

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